Monday, January 11, 2010

Recessionista Steals and Deals: Charlotte Russe Studded Sandal

What’s Up Buttercups?

Although it’s much too cold to wear them right now, here’s a nice addition to your shoe collection for a mere $8.24.  They are not real leather but for under ten bucks you can’t go wrong with this sandal.  Check them out at

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey Chicas!

I know I've been MIA for a minute but I've just not been in the blogging mood lately, but it's almost a new year and the holiday craziness is over sooo, I'm back at it...for now, LOL ;-)

I thought I would share a few sales and New Year's Eve party dress ideas to get back in the swing of things.

Steve Madden: 25% off orders of $59.95 or more. FREE express shipping with the code: WELOVEMADDEN25. Offers valid through 01.04.10.

My picks from Steve Madden:
Carlinn $89.97
Bonanza $99.95
Trinitie $99.95

Bluefly: Extra 20% off sale items

Ann Taylor Loft: Extra 25% off sale items

My picks from Ann Taylor Loft:
Chiffon Streamer Trim Tee $24.99
Paillettes Top $19.99
Corduroy Modern Slim Leg Pants $19.99

New York & Co.: Extra 30% off entire order with coupon code: 1252. Offer valid through 01.03.10.

My picks from NY & Co.:
Bow Tote $9.99
Fingerless Knit Gloves $7.99
Comfortzone Sequin Sweatshirt $19.99
7th Avenue Slim Pants $19.99
Zip Front Shirt Dress $28.47

Now, on to the dresses...

Love 21 Schrunched Ruffle Dress $27.80

Forever 21 Architectural Cocktail Dress $29.80

Forever 21 Shimmer & Sequins Tube Dress $24.80

Arden B. Chain Strap Pintuck Dress $62.30

Hmmm...looking back at these dresses my first thought is how conservative they all are. A reflection of my style ya think? Probably so...I like to keep it sexy and classy at all times - I think these dresses follow that general theme. Ladies, what do you think and what are you wearing for New Year's Eve? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your feedback and check out your style.

On another note...I would like to thank everyone who has visited my little blog this year. I plan to take it to another level in 2010, so stay tuned! If there is something you would like to see here leave me a comment, I'm always open to suggestions! Also, I would like to change the look of my blog so if any of you have any expreience creating templates and things of that nature send me an email or leave your info in the comments section. Thanks!

until 2010...Have a happy, safe, and blessed New Year!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Mo'Nique Show

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Mo'Nique. Although I was a fan of the Queens of Comedy and I generally like Mo'Nique's personality, I also found her skinny girl bashing to be very tasteless. Y'all know what I'm talking the past Mo'Nique has been famous for making jokes and talking shit about skinny girls. I personally have never found it funny. Why is okay to bash skinny girls and everyone thinks it's funny but it's deemed hurtful when we talk about fat girls? I've never understood that.

Anyhoo, Mo'Nique has redeemed herself in my eyes with her new late night talk show on BET. The show premiered on October 5th and made Mo'Nique the first black woman to host her own late night talk show. This show reminds me alot of The Arsenio Hall Show, it's so fun to watch and refreshing to see someone you feel you can relate to (Mo'Nique seems like part of the family) she looks great (her stylist has put her in the cutest dresses that flatter her full figure) and her hair and makeup are on point as well.

But the best part about the show are the FABULOUS guests she has invited to the "penthouse" so far, such as, Steve Harvey, Lenny Kravitz, Taraji P. Henson, and Dr. Cornel West. Come on now...Dr. West?!!! You know I LOVE him. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed to see him on her show. He stated that this was his first time on a late night talk show, as did Lenny Kravitz. Now, these are the people that I want to hear from and Mo'Nique has consistently brought these type of guests to the show.

There has been a bit of criticism about the show in that Mo'Nique tends to yell alot. I would have to agree, but yall know how it is when we get excited?! Folks get to hand gesturing and talking loud. LOL :-) To all the critics, I say "give her a chance", I'm sure she'll get the hang of it after a while and tone it down a bit.

I'll close this post the same way that Mo'Nique closes her show every night. "Take your arms and wrap them around yourself, and squeeze real tight. Now, we've all just been hugged".

How sweet!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sephora Sale

Hey Brown Beauties!

Sephora is having their annual Friends and Family sale from October 19th until November 2nd. You already know the drill...enter the code FF2009 at checkout to receive a 20% discount.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recessionista Steals & Deals: Matte Polish

As I said before in this post, I’m loving the new matte polish trend and I have found the best matte polish for Recessionista’s like you and I who want to rock the current trends but don’t want to pay too much for trendy stuff. So with said - check out the matte polishes at Diamond Cosmetics for $2 each! They only have 4 colors, and I’ll have to admit that the colors aren’t as fabulous as the colors offered by OPI and Zoya but at that price you can snag all 4 for the price of one OPI polish.

The colors in the matte collection are: Matte Black, Matte Smoke, Matte Mulberry and Matte Burgandy. The pictures below are from the website, the polish looks a little more matte once applied to your nails.
Another perk besides the price is that they are easy to apply. As you may have already experienced with matte polish, they tend to smear and dry quickly making it difficult to get a smooth application, not the case with these. All of the polishes at Diamond Cosmetics are $2, so if matte is not your thing they have other colors that may interest you.

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hair Update

What’s up Buttercups?

Here’s a quick update on my hair (without any pictures, lol). As I promised myself back in July, I’ve been trying to focus more on taking care of my hair so I’ve been really diligent about following my regimen. I have made a few changes to my regimen since my last update, I’ve eliminated a few products that I felt just weren’t working for me and I have also stopped the mid week co-washes. I just can’t find the time to wash my hair more than once a week. Well...I guess I could, if I wore it in a ponytail after the mid-week wash but as I’ve told you before, I like to wear my hair down, so... Maybe when the winter weather kicks in I’ll start back with the co washes??

So anyway, the real reason for this hair update is to tell you that I started the Castor Oil Challenge on! I’m so excited! I finally purchased the Jamaican Black Castor Oil (I tried the challenge once before but I only had the regular castor oil...I think I used too much...and I wasn't feelin' it) So here we go again...this time I’ll be applying it to my scalp on wash days and maybe once during the week. The consistency is kinda thick so I’ll probably stick to wash days only so I don’t weigh my hair down too much. I started the challenge on September 3rd, so it’s been about 3 weeks. So far, so good, my hair seems a little thicker but that could be attributed to the fact that I’m 7 weeks post relaxer and I recently put a rinse in my hair which always makes it seem a little thicker. The challenge ends on December 2nd and my goal for this challenge is to increase the thickness and length of my hair. I don’t have a current picture but I’ll post comparison pics with the next hair update.

I’ve learned a lot of great tips about products and taking better care of my hair on the forum as well as the blog. Sunshyne keeps the blog fresh with new information and the forum is a great way to connect with other ladies who are interested in hair care.

I’ll keep you posted on the status on my hair. I plan to relax within the next couple of weeks so when I do, I’ll take pictures and post comparison pics from July.


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